Assembling of steel structureWe assemble the structural elements as a load-bearing structure of the construction on the site, on the concrete foundation. Self-drilling screws fasten the elements together. The assembler inserts them using a threaded machine according to the assembling plan and the technical documentation. For the positions of the 2D elements that are not clear enough, we use the 3D plan.

A team of 4-6 workers can easily assemble the structure. The vast majority of items are light, easy to handle, and fix on positions.

The grip on the concrete foundation is done with anchors according to the plan.

The workers fix rubber sealing tape between the concrete and the sole of the structural element.

The plans are so explicit, and the structural elements are so regular that they can be assembled without measuring tools.

We will achieve a modular structure, perfectly aligned on all levels. In this way, any construction team can quickly plate it with prefabricated elements.

The tools you need for the assembly are few and cheap. Any person with a minimum of technical knowledge can assemble by himself.

Assembling instructions help you understand more clearly the technical documentation, the assembling plan, and the 3D plan but also sorting the materials, reading the plans, understanding the system’s specificities, the permitted drilling, or association with other materials.

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