Design for steel structureComputer-assisted design services which comply with Eurocode 3.

The architectural project

The building permit and your needs and possibilities are the indicators that determine the shape and size of the construction.

In the first place, after you receive the building permit, an architect will interpret it and will tell you what you can do.

You can consult the Architect Partner Rotarex List to identify an architect that works in your area and takes into account the specificity of Unic Rotarex®  structures. These architects will make architectural proposals that take into account the specific resistance of our system.

In any case, when you contact an architect, it is better that you put him in touch with us. Therefore we can agree upon the desired sections, and also we can alert him about the particularities of our constructive system. This way, you can avoid the problem of designing twice.

The technical documentation

After you have an architectural project agreed with us, we draw up the technical documentation. We do it through our engineers but also collaborating companies. They take into account the regulations of the Eurocode3 legislation, the construction and quality law, and also the specific loadings of the area in which you are about to build.

We can directly draw the technical documentation, or we can contact design partner companies. We receive an original copy with signatures from engineers and the MLPAT Verifier.

Assembling plans or execution details

Along with the structure, you will receive the assembling plan (printed and also in electronic format). The plan represents the execution details. The plan is simple and explicit, on anyone’s behalf.

The assembling plan includes a technical memo, detailed drawings for the structural elements, and plans for assembling the structural elements into a load-bearing structure.

The 3D plan

For a better understanding of the assembling, we provide the 3D viewer.

To familiarize yourself with the viewer and to understand how easy it is to identify any element and its position in 3D, download the viewer and install it on your computer. Then download the model file and open it in the 3D viewer.

3D viewer tutorial  will show you how to zoom in and out the construction, how to exclude elements or floors and we guarantee that everything will become clear and easy to understand.

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