List of Architects Partners Rotarex

architect partner rotarexIn order to begin designing, after obtaining the urbanism certificate, you need an architect to make the project of the building you want.
If you choose to work with an architect in your area, it is better if you ask him or her to contact us so we can give him or her more information about our technologies. In this way, the architect will be able to design a project in accordance with our technologies.
If you don’t have an architect with whom you want to prepare the building approval project, you can go to Rotarex Partner Architect List (APR) where you will find names, email addresses, phone numbers and areas of activity of our architect partners.
By choosing to work with one of the architects from the Rotarex Partner Architect List, you have the advantage of working with a professional who knows our constructive system, knows and can optimize spaces and costs in order to get the best construction and the best price.
The partnership with architects is new to Unic Rotarex®, therefore the list is short so far, but as new registrations will appear, the list will be updated.
Do not forget! If you save some money on the project, you will lose lots of money while building. Your choice 🙂