Production of light steel structureWe offer services with the most performant production lines existing on the market today.

Production process at Unic Rotarex® Factory, short movie.

Production of the profiles

We produce “C” and “U” profiles of galvanized steel sheets from Voestalpine Austria with operations that allow different pairings. To form, cut, and print the assembling codes on the profiles, we use the latest generation numerical control machine. On each profile, the machine prints the assembling code (on a side) and the batch number of the steel and the name of the producer (on the other side). Due to this, we will know at any time who is responsible for each profile piece.


We pack the profiles in manipulable packs, taking into account the structural elements. A structural element can contain one or more packs.

The workers tie the packs with sealed PVC stripes. They manipulate and store them without the possibility of extracting elements from the pack. In this manner, we deliver sealed packs. The carrier then takes them. The customer receives the packs from him. This operation is based on the packing list. The manufacturer automatically prints the packing list after scanning the barcodes on the labels.


We stick a label on each pack. It contains the identification data of the seller and the buyer. Manufacturing date information, the number of the pack, and the number of ties of the packing sealing. The label also contains a barcode, which eases the inventory and the delivery.

Preassembling in factory

At the client’s request, we can preassemble in our factory all or a part of the structural elements. The quality assurance process enforces the supervision of this operation. In the production report, we mention who and with what screws (from which batch) assembled each structural element. We preassemble with self-drilling screws from Grabber USA, the best screws of this kind found on the market.

Temporary storage

We store the packs or the preassembled structural elements in clean and dry places, until delivery.

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