Services offered by Unic Rotarex®

We offer a full range of services. Starting with designing the structures, producing and finally assembling them. In addition to our main services, we offer complementary services such as tuition for assembling the structures, consultancy services for understanding the technology and assembling assistance for those in need of support.

Services offered by Unic Rotarex® - The Lightweight Steel Structures Factory

Design for steel structureDesign

Computer-assisted design services which comply with Eurocode 3.


The architectural project

The building permit and your needs and possibilities are the indicators that determine the shape and size of the construction.

In the first place, after you receive the building permit, an architect will interpret it and will tell you what you can do.

Architect Partner Rotarex List can be consulted to identify an architect that works in your area and takes into account the specificity of Unic Rotarex®  structures. These architects will make architectural proposals that take into account the specific resistance of our system.

In any case, when you contact an architect, it is better that you put him in touch with us. Therefore we can agree upon the desired sections and also we can alert him about the particularities of our constructive system. This way you can avoid the problem of designing twice.

The technical documentation

After you have an architectural project agreed with us, we draw up the technical documentation. We do it through our own engineers but also through collaborating companies. They take into account the regulations of the Eurocode3 legislation, the construction and quality law and also the specific loadings of the area in which you are about to build.

We can directly draw the technical documentation or we can contact design partner companies. We receive an original copy with signatures from engineers and from the MLPAT Verifier.

Assembling plans or execution details

Along with the structure, you will receive the assembling plan (printed and also in electronic format). The plan represents the execution details. The plan is simple and explicit, on anyone’s behalf.

The assembling plan includes a technical memo, detailed drawings for the structural elements and plans for assembling the structural elements into a load-bearing structure.

The 3D plan

For a better understanding of the assembling, we provide the 3D viewer.

In order to familiarize yourself with the viewer and, furthermore, to understand how easy it is to identify any element and its position in 3D, download the viewer and install it on your computer. Then download the model file and open it in the 3D viewer.

3D viewer tutorial  will show you how to zoom in and out the construction, how to exclude elements or floors and we guarantee that everything will become clear and easy to understand.

Production of light steel structure, part of Unic Rotarex® servicesProduction

We offer services with one of the most performant production lines existing on the market today.

Production process at Unic Rotarex® Factory, short movie.

Production of the profiles

We produce “C” and “U” profiles of galvanized steel sheets from Voestalpine Austria with operations that allow different pairings. In order to form, cut and print the assembling codes on the profiles we use the latest generation numerical control machine. On each profile the machine prints the assembling code (on a side) and the batch number of the steel and the name of the producer (on the other side). Due to this, we will know at any time who is responsible for each profile piece.


We pack the profiles in manipulable packs, taking into account the structural elements. A structural element can contain one or more packs.

The workers tie the packs with sealed PVC stripes. They manipulate and store them without the possibility of extracting elements from the pack. In this manner, we deliver sealed packs. The carrier then takes them. The customer receives the packs from him. This operation is based on the packing list. The manufacturer automatically prints the packing list after scanning the barcodes on the labels.


We stick a label on each pack. It contains the identification data of the seller and of the buyer. Manufacturing date information, the number of the pack and the number of ties of the packing sealing. The label also contains a barcode which eases the inventory and the delivery.

Preassembling in factory

At the client’s request, we can preassemble in factory all or a part of the structural elements. The quality assurance process enforces the supervision of this operation. In the production report we mention who and with what screws (from which batch) assembled each structural element. Preassembling is done with self-drilling screws from Grabber USA, the best screws of this kind found on the market.

Temporary storage

We store the packs or the preassembled structural elements in clean and dry places, until delivery.

Assembling of steel structureAssembling

The structural elements are assembled as a load-bearing structure of the construction on the site, on the concrete foundation. Self-drilling screws fasten the elements together. The assembler inserts them using a threaded machine according to the assembling plan and the technical documentation. For the positions of the 2D elements that are not clear enough we use the 3D plan.

A team of 4-6 workers can easily assemble the structure. The vast majority of items are light, easy to handle and fix on positions.

The grip on the concrete foundation is done with anchors according to the plan.

A rubber sealing tape is fixed between the concrete and the sole of the structural element.

The plans are so explicit and the structural elements are so regular that they can be assembled without measuring tools.

We will achieve a modular structure, perfectly aligned on all levels. In this way, any construction team can easily plate it with prefabricated elements.

The tools you need for the assembly are few and cheap. Any person with a minimum of technical knowledge can assemble by himself.

Assembling instructions help you understand more clearly the technical documentation, the assembling plan, and the 3D plan but also sorting the materials, reading the plans, understanding the system’s specificities, the permitted drilling or association with other materials. Read more…

transportation of steel structuresTransportation

Transportation intermediation

We offer transportation services in order to deliver the structures. We can make transportation or you can do it, according to our agreement.

Click here to see the delivery terms (according to INCOTERMS)

is established in the offering process. This is done according to who makes the assembling. If we make the assembling, the delivery term will be DAP (Delivery At Place). In case you will assemble, the delivery term will be FCA (Free Carrier). In this situation, we can intermediate finding a transportation mean. The buyer makes the order and the payment.

In all cases, the transportation is done with off-the-shelf trucks, suitable for the order, or, in sea containers. The means of transportation must be clean and dry, free of traces of substances that could corrode the structure during transport.

The carrier must be insured and present the CMR (carriage letter) at loading.


The delivery of Unic Rotarex® steel structures is done usually by handing over to the transporter, based on the packing list. The transporter then delivers it to final customers. When loading, the packs are scanned and automatically included in the packing list. When unloading the transporter gives the packages to the buyer by checking them on the packing list.

General instructions

The packing list contains general instructions. They include instructions for loading, unloading, manipulation, transportation, storage and labor protection. Read more…


Consultancy services for a better understanding of Unic Rotarex® technologies.

By phone

Receive free phone consultancy. From Monday to Friday between 09.00 – 15.00 GMT +2, except legal holidays, summer and winter vacation.


You can write to us and ask questions which can help you understand our technologies better. On the subjects that are not well understood from our website, you will receive a written answer (except legal holidays, summer and winter vacation) or you will be called in order to receive the answers.

Ask a written question

Asembling assistanceAssistance

Assembling assistance services, offered to our clients which have trouble during the assembling of the structure or later on. In this purpose, an Unic Rotarex® specialist may come to your location in order to check for assembling mistakes, to give you solutions in case you need to modify something that can affect the structure or to give you fixing solutions.

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