Industrial building with galvanized steel lightweight structure

Industrial building with Unic Rotarex® technology. We managed the first successful attempt to reduce steel consumption after many years. Thousands of engineers have tried without success to reduce the steel consumption for the square meter of the built surface.

industrial building

How did Unic Rotarex® manage to do this?! Very easy. Let’s take for example an industrial building with a 15m free span (most usual):

in a system with the main structure made of laminated profiles and secondary structure made of cold formed profiles, the average consumption is 45kg/m²;

a building with cold formed profiles structure reaches an average consumption of 38Kg/m²;

the Unic Rotarex® industrial building system consumes 25Kg/m².

Click here to see a 3D example of a steel industrial building, use the mouse to move, scroll to zoom in or out the 3D model which you can see even from the inside of the building. The structure will look like this after assembling. Each project is accompanied by this 3D model, which will help you see, before production, how the structure of your building will look.

The principle

Industrial buildings with steel structure building principleWe are using the principle of the bundle of straws, which, put together, are stronger. It seems like, scientifically, we are talking about the distribution of effort. By using a small section profile and a joint that moves the resistance from shear on the screw to pressure on the dimple. As a result, we obtain a reduction in consumption and, implicitly, lightweight structural elements.


Industrial buildings with light steel structure advantagesConsumption reduction means less steel used, shorter production times for the structures, and also fewer working hours in assembling. Thus we are talking about a price reduction, which is of interest to us all.

Weight reduction is another great advantage of our system. We managed to reduce the weight of structural elements. First of all, a heavy element needs to carry its mass and, afterward, to support the other loads. You may notice that a classical structure contains pillars that require crane lifting. Due to the lightweight elements, in our system, we replace the crane with 3 or 4 workers. This is also another reduction of assembling time and, even more, of working hour costs.

Elimination of the anchor fixed in the foundation. We all know that fixing the anchor bolts needs great attention and precision. A small error and you compromise everything. The prefabricated elements will not fit anymore. They will be suspended in cranes and, finally, someone will have to make a decision. Either an improvisation (unwanted), or the restoration (even more complicated).

see image – Our system for industrial building system solves this thorny problem. We fix the first columns, and then the other elements: spacers and columns again. We repeat this operation and, in the worst case scenario, we will extend the hall with a few millimeters.

see image – The columns are fixed with mechanical anchors and the elements in between them with self drilling screws. For assembling workers, this is a great freedom and advantage.


Each location has a specific soil structure, that is why only the geotechnical study can tell clearly how your foundation will look. A comparative analysis shows that also for the Unic Rotarex® steel industrial building foundation, we can talk about a slight reduction in material consumption.

Cladding materials

We use the same cladding materials for our industrial buildings as the ones for classical ones: sandwich panels or corrugated steel sheets. Both on the roof and the wall, we design the structure depending on the materials used for cladding. The distances between the support panels will be different according to the chosen material.

Doors and windows

Doors, gates, windows, skylights, or smoke hoods are the same as the ones for other types of industrial buildings. In the designing phase, we take into account the finishes around them. We take into account each carpentry element specificity and its technical specifications.

Fire protection

Fire protection of steel structure industrial buildingsAccording to the size, location, and also destination of the industrial building, there will be a specific fire protection request.

Therefore we recommend the following solution:

rock-wool panels, provide thermal protection and are easy to fix on the dense structure of the ceilings and walls.

interior cladding with gypsum boards or other fire resistant materials. We recommend this solution especially on the walls, but also on the ceilings for situations where a higher aesthetic finish is desired.

Read more about fireproofing Unic Rotarex® industrial buildings

Industrial building design

Design of industrial buildings steel structureWe design the industrial buildings only with Unic Rotarex® engineers. We agree to provide information to other engineers, but there are risks for the start. At least the increase in consumption (of the price). With the confident ones we are willing to have discussions and begin collaborations. Why not?!

To respect our certification, we need technical documentation with the signature of the structural engineer, based on which we produce the structure.

The technical documentation will have to follow the law and norms in force in the place of the construction.

The assembling plans (execution details) are simple and explicit.

We provide a 3D viewer and the 3D file, thus assembling for who want to assemble by themselves becomes easy.


Steel structures for industrial buildings productionWe use a CNC machine to produce profiles, thus resulting in a prefabricated structure with all operations done by using last generation technology with very high precision.

We assemble the profiles in structural elements in the factory or on-site with self-drilling screws.

The raw material is galvanized steel Z275gr/m². Generally, we use steel from Voestalpine Austria, another guarantee of the quality of our products.


Quality of steel structures for industrial buildingsThe structures are European Certified, labeled and also accompanied at delivery by quality documents:

Declaration of performance;

Quality certificate;

Warranty certificate.


Steel structures transportationWe provide or intermediate transportation for you. You can have your transportation solution. Loading and unloading can be done mechanized or manually, according to the specificity of the order.


Steel structures assemblingAssembling can be done with our teams, or local partner teams, but also by yourself. If you are skilled in this domain, it is enough to read the assembling plan, thus knowing what to do. If you have technical inclinations and you wish to assemble by yourself, you can participate in our course. In this manner, you will be able to assemble by yourself.

See a short video demonstration of the assembling ease and speed of Unic Rotarex® industrial buildings.

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